For your convenience, ways of delivery:

1. A priority post class - receiving of goods by mail.
Delivery by a priority class "A" by mail - all countries of the world. Delivery within 3-21 days with the notice to the home address specified by you or to an abonent box opened in any post office for your name.
We inform our clients on data of the items of mail, including sending date, identification number of sending and exact weight. You receive the notice to your home address or to your user's box, later -  the order itself at your post office.

2. Express delivery
Express delivery by international  Express service EMS within 3-10 working days (depending on remoteness) in hands, serves the majority of the countries.
Low estimation, no surcharges while receiving. On transfering your correspondence at the nearest delivery intermediate post they will call you from the nearest EMS branch and you may specify time and even the place of receiving. We inform you about the number for online tracing.

The neutral post container does not contain the information about contents and references, we observe all formalities in accordance with the Rules of International Post Convention and the general requirements for express delivery services and the customs/sanitary control.
You pay nothing  while receiving, no problems with customs clearing, we also observe the rule of your freedom and confidentiality of orders, including erotic production.

Security of online payments:
In on-line regime it is possible to make e-payments by the following means of payment:
- credit cards (VISA, EuroCard / MasterCard)
- PayPal system

Payment security is ensured by the SSL protocol to transfer confidential information from client to the server of ChronoPay and PayPal payment system for further processing. Further transmission is fulfilled via closed banking networks with the highest degree of protection. Treatment of received in an encrypted format confidential data (card details, registration information, etc.) is carried out at processing center. Thus, nobody, not even the seller, can obtain personal and bank customer's data, including information on his purchases in other stores.

Security of information transmitted:
To protect data from unauthorized access during transmission from client to server, payment server protocol is used SSL 3.0, the server certificate ( 128 bit) is issued by Thawte - a recognized certificate authority.
Operations in ChronoPay correspond to safety standards of VISA AIS (Account Information Security), MasterCard SDP (Site Data Protection), PCI DSS 1.2. (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) и certificating McAfee Secure.